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Featured Today! "Opeth, Poisonblack..."

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Opeth (SE) - Formed in 1990 in Stockholm/Sweden by (former vocalist) David Isberg. Recorded 3 albums (Orchid, Morningrise, My arms your hearse) for Candlelight records between 1994 and 1997. Signed to Peaceville records and released "Still life" in 1999. Switched to Music for nations records and recorded a trio of albums in Blackwater park (grammy nominated), Deliverance (grammy & P3 awards winner) and Damnation (grammy nominated). Released the first live DVD, "Lamentations" in 2003 through Music for nations. Signed to Roadrunner Records worldwide in 2004 and recorded "Ghost reveries" (grammy nominated) the same year and the latest record "Watershed" (grammy nominated) in 2008. "Watershed" was also their 4th album to debut on the US Billboard charts, debuting at # 23. The highest first week debut of a Swedish rock band since Europe and "The final countdown" in 1986. The band has toured relentlessly since around the year 2000. Covering most parts of the world including some for metal music, more exclusive locations such as India and Dubai. Åkerfeldt recently stated that he is currently writing for a new Opeth album, which he hopes to have released in 2011. The band announced on their website they would start recording their tenth album on January 31, 2011, at the Atlantis/Metronome studios in Stockholm, once again with Jens Bogren (engineering) and Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree. Steven Wilson recently stated via his Facebook that he had finished mixing the album in late March.After nearly 200 performances in support of Ghost Reveries, Opeth entered Fascination Street Studios with Åkerfeldt producing, in November 2007. By January 2008, Opeth had recorded 13 songs, including three cover songs. The finished album, Watershed, features seven tracks, with cover songs used as bonus tracks on different versions of the album. Watershed was released on June 3, 2008. Åkerfeldt described the songs on the album as "a bit more energetic." Opeth toured in support of Watershed, including headlining the UK Defenders of the Faith tour with Arch Enemy, an appearance at Wacken Open Air, and the Progressive Nation tour with headliner Dream Theater. Watershed was Opeth's highest-charting album to date, debuting at number 23 on the US Billboard 200. Watersheddebuted on the Australian ARIA album charts at number seven and at number one on Finland's official album chart. Opeth went on a worldwide tour in support of the album. However, gigs in Spain and Portugal were cancelled due to the Burning Live Festival being cancelled, and four concerts from June 26 to June 29 had to be cancelled due to Mikael Åkerfeldt having chicken pox. Two of the festivals Opeth were supposed to play at were Hovefestivalenand Metaltown in Sweden. Their replacement for both the absences was Satyricon. From September to October, Opeth toured North America again backed by High on Fire, Baroness, and Nachtmystium. They returned to tour Europe for the rest of the year with Cynic and The Ocean. Opeth wrote and recorded the new track, "The Throat of Winter", which appeared on the digital EP soundtrack of the video game, God of War III. Åkerfeldt described the song as "odd" and "not very metal." To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Opeth performed a six-show, worldwide tour called Evolution XX: An Opeth Anthology, from March 30 through April 9, 2010. Blackwater Park was performed in its entirety, along with several songs never before performed. Åkerfeldt stated, "I can’t believe it, but, fuck, we’re celebrating 20 years. I’ve been in this band ever since I was 16. It’s insane." A special edition of Blackwater Park was released on the March 29, 2010, to coincide with the tour. The Evolution XX concert of April 5, 2010 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England was filmed for a DVD/live album package titled In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The set was released on September 21, 2010 in 2-DVD and 2-DVD/3-CD configurations. For the DVD the concert was split into two sets. The first set consists of the entire Blackwater Park album, while the second set contains one song from every album excluding Blackwater Park, in chronological order representing the twenty years of "evolution" in their music. The album, Heritage was the last Opeth recording with Per Wiberg as the keyboardist as on April 6, 2011 it was announced that Wiberg would be leaving the band as part of a mutual decision, The album was released on September 14, 2011 (eur). Joakim Svalberg was confirmed the new permanent keyboardist for Opeth on their official website.

Poisonblack (FI) - Poisonblack is a Finnish metal/hard rock band led by singer/guitarist Ville Laihiala, known for his vocals with the band Sentenced from 1996 - 2005. After the departure of Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto sometime after the release of their first album, Escapexstacy, Laihiala, the band's principal songwriter, assumed vocal duties himself and has since led Poisonblack out of the gothic genre of their firs album and in a musical direction that closely mirrors that of his former band. After the chart success of Lust Stained Despair (#2 in Finland) ,In 2006, they toured Europe with Lacuna Coil. They have also done various concerts here and there outside Finland and opened for Iron Maiden in Helsinki, 2003. In 2008 the released "A Dead Heavy Day" which hit the Finnish Album Shart in position 6. After this success they toured Europe with Dark Tranquillity and Fear My Thoughts. 2010 Poisonblack released "Of Rust And Bones", their fifth album. They didn't tour much and in November 2010 it was anounced that the band had signed with Hype Records. The Scandinavian release date for Poisonblack's latest album, "Drive", was released April 27th, 2011.

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