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Featured Today! "Infinita Symphonia, Dark the Suns..."

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L&DR is Ranked #12 on the Live365 Metal chart! and is in the best 1000 (out of 7000) stations on the Live365 Network and as I said in other posts before is all thanks to you for listening and supporting one of the best stations of the Live365 network (users feedback) with a HUGE variety of the best music genre in the world METAL! Without making this post longer, Here's today Featured Bands!

"Infinita Symphonia"
Source: Infinita Symphonia....
Infinita Symphonia (IT) - INFINITA SYMPHONIA is an Italian Symphonic Power Prog Metal band formed in 2008 .The band consists of vocalist Luca Micioni and lead guitarist Gianmarco Ricasoli, the two founder members, bassist Alberto De Felice,drummer Luca Ciccotti, in the first period they all collaborated at the realization of the band’s Demo “INTO THE SYMPHONIA” in 2009.The purpose was to bring to light the works written by the hand of the two founders : they created an original sound that came out under very wide and heterogeneous influences and the name of the band is a symbol for this: it wants to underline the infinite possible set and combinations of sound and notes of which they feel part, not necessarily classifiable in a single genre. By June 2010 Infinita Symphonia began recording their debut album “A mind’s Chronicle” at the Outer Sound Studio (Rome) and after Giuseppe Orlando mixed it, was mastered at the Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila. The album sees the participation of two very important special guest Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex Judas Priest,ex Iced Earth,now with Beyond Fear and Y.J.Malmsteen) and Fabio Lione (Vision Divine and Rhapsody of fire) and is now ready to be printed and published. The entire album is the rappresentation of the human thought, an introspection that emphasizes the role of personal decisions to give a particular shape to our own journey of life. Sounds we have chosen have often the same role and want to underline the emotions linked to de decision making and the use of orchestra pursues the same purpose.

"Dark The Suns"
Dark The Suns (FI) - Dark the Suns plays beautiful, emotional and at the same time very energetic and aggressive metal music with catchy melodies, dark vocals and occasional angelic female choirs. Dark the Suns was originally founded as Mikko's solo project in 2005 in Valkeakoski. The first demo - where Mikko played all the instruments himself - was selected as ”Demo of the Month” in Inferno Magazine. In the beginning of 2006 Mikko settled to Jyväskylä and the project grew into a real band when Juha, Inka and Markus joined Dark the Suns. Dark the Suns recorded a second demo with the full band in August and was signed to Firebox Records soon after that. The debut album In Darkness Comes Beauty was released in November 2007. The Dead End -mcd saw the daylight in the late autumn 2008 and it hit the official Finnish Single Chart. The second album All Ends in Silence was released in March 2009. Eliisa sung backing vocals in the album, and joined the band in the autumn. After that there were some changes in the band's line-up. Dark the Suns' third album Sleepwalking in a Nightmare was released by Firebox Records in December 2010.

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