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Featured Today! "Before The Rain, Harmony..."

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Another day another post! There's been new additions to L&DR library! So start listening and hope you enjoy the surprises! Here's today Featured bands!

"Before The Rain"
Source: Before The Rain...
Before the Rain (PT) - The roots of [Before The Rain] go back to 1997, when vocalist Carlos D'Água and guitar player Valter Cunha started sharing musical ideas that eventually ended up as acoustic songs. As time went by, those simple and organic sounds weren't enough to express the emotions and feelings unleashed by the duo and, in 1998, both decided to seek musicians to complete the band. In December 2001, after solidifying their first real line-up, their first two songs - «Be Mine» and «You... My Ruin» - were recorded. Entitled «...And With The Day Dying Light» this demo-CD was only released to a strict sum of close friends and never properly distributed. In August 2003 the recording of a new song, called «The Swansong», showed another sign of life. Unfortunately around that session the group also went through a ton of changes. A year later - with the help of Pedro Daniel on bass, Hugo Santos on guitar and Gonçalo Correia on drums - [Before The Rain] establishes their strongest line-up to date. Following a mini-tour with Irish doomsters Mourning Beloveth in Portugal, the five musicians finally find the spark needed to pick up the composition process again and the debut full-length album finally starts taking shape. Recorded by João Bacelar and mastered at the Cutting Room Studios, in Sweden, by Thomas Eberger (famous for his work with bands like Katatonia, Opeth and Daylight Dies), this collection of six songs promise, not only to embrace the listener gently with evocative melodies, but also to punish with monolithic riffs and mesmerizing feedbacks. Both crushing and incredibly emotional, «One Day Less» is an amazing sonic journey through highs and lows - combining the beautiful acoustic textures of their beginnings with a heavy sensibility firmly rooted in the doom/death metal realm. On February 2007, the band joins the roster of Major Label Industries, and prepares the release of "...One Day Less", out on July of the same year. Short after the release of "...One Day Less", the band's line-up went through minor changes with Carlos Monteiro and Joaquim Aires stepping in to guitar and drums respectively. Their latest album "Frail" was Released June 2011, “Frail” was recorded at Fabrica de Som in Oporto, Portugal by sound engineer Nuno Maciel and produced by Valter Cunha. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2007 “One Day Less...” was mixed at Chapel Studios (MY DYING BRIDE, CATHEDRAL) in Lincolnshire, England by Ewan Davies (ANATHEMA) & Valter Cunha, mastered at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden by Jens Bogren (KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST) and includes Natalie Koskinen (SHAPE OF DESPAIR) and Peter Bjärgö (ARCANA) as guest singers.“Frail” brings a more mature sound from the band with a revamped line-up including new members Gary Griffth (ex MORGION), Carlos Monteiro (ex SCULPTURE) and Joaquim Aires (ex DISAFFECTED).

Source: Harmony Official...
Harmony (SE) - Harmony was formed in 2000 in Borås Sweden by guitarist Markus Sigfridsson and drummer Tobias Enbert, the two were also joined by Henrik Båth on vocals. They recorded a demo in 2001 that received great reviews and also got them signed to German label Massacre Records in 2002. Their debut album "Dreaming Awake" was recorded during 2002 and released in 2003 on Massacre. The band had created an album full of great melodic metal and at this time they had a complete line-up with Magnus Holmberg and Andreas Olsson on bass. During the existence of Harmony they have played a lot of shows in Sweden, but also in Norway and Finland. And after a few years of recording silence Harmony now return with their new album "Chapter II: Aftermath". The album is recorded in different studios around Sweden, it is mixed by Pelle Saether [ACT, Skyfire] and mastered by Göran Finnberg [In flames, Dark tranquillity, The Haunted]. The album contains guest vocals by Daniel Heiman [ex Lost horizon, Heed] on the track "Inner peace" and Kristoffer Gildenlöw [ex Pain of salvation, Dial] handles the bass on the entire album. The diversity on "Chapter II: Aftermath" is impressive, and it's certainly a must have for fans of melodic metal. Imagine a great mix between Yngwie Malmsteen, Kamelot and Nocturnal Rites, and you'll find Harmony. With the trademark guitar playing by Markus Sigfridsson, the powerful voice of Henrik Båth, and the overall worldclass musicianship in the band, Harmony will for sure win over many new fans years to come!

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