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Featured Today! "ReinXeed, Mechanical Poet...."

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Wow! There's a huge amount of new/indie bands out there with Label quality that deserve to be listened so I'll keep you guys updated after I order their albums or they submit it to the station but till then Enjoy the Featured Bands post and no this are not the bands I was talking about! \m/

ReinXeed (SE) - The story of ReinXeed started place in a town called Boden in the North of Sweden. ReinXeed is Tommy Johansson’s musical creation and vision and finally will see the light with its debut album The Light. Tommy Johansson started to play guitar at the age of nine after he’d seen Gary Moore’s video “Out in the Fields” and singing at the age of 15 when he was introduced to Skid Row’s track “18 And Life”. His days of soft rock were over when he first heard Helloween and Stratovarius. After some years in a music school, Tommy had become more of a "all man musician" who could play almost everything decent guitar, piano, singing, drums, bass guitar and also flute. His songwriting had of course developed to a more advanced level. In 2006, he decided that movie soundtracks mixed with melodic Power Metal would be very cool music to compose and record. He got his own studio together, started to record these songs again with a better quality, and put them up on his MySpace site. By doing that, Daniel Eskilsson drummer and band leader of the Swedish melodic power metal bandMajestic Vanguard heard Tommy’s songs and set him in touch with Christian Liljegren of Rivel Records / CM Sweden. Jani Stefanovic from Divinefire and Essend Of Sorrow co-produced & mixed the album and handled all the drums on the album. On The Light Johansson took on a “one man project role” in he handled just about all aspect of the recording process (similar to Matt Smith on the first Theocracy album). Higher, however, finds the artist backed by a full piece band in that he has recruited two guitarist (Kerry Lundberg & Mattias Johansson), a keyboardist (Henrik Fellermark), drummer (Erik Forsgren) and bassist (Ace Thunder). Needless to say, the overall performance is impressive. Reinxeed began to record their first studio album entitled "The light", released March 12 in Japan, June 20 in Europe, via Rivel Records. On the debut album the musical inspiration came from Gary Moore, every album between 83-89, Angra - Rebirth, Stratovarius - Destiny, Episode, Visions, Infinity. Robby Valentine - everything he’s ever done, Symphony X - Odyssey and Helloween, &Keeper of the Seven Keys 1 & 2. The ReinXeed concept story of The Light: “This is a story between good and evil, where greed and power are united to conquer both sides into one dark place. “ReinXeed – The Light” is a story of the real life we live today, but summarized into metaphors in a story of two kingdoms, Reindhill and Heelh. Once they were united as one, God had sent them a flower to grow called Langarin who had a healing divine power and were used for good only. But greed fell over the land of Heelh and they lay claim to the Langarin, and the harmony between them ended in silence. Reindhill got the quest from God to retain the goodness and restore the line between good and evil, for the prophecy of a perfect world had to be...” Tommy Johansson. The Light, can best be described as melodic power metal with the occasional symphonic tendency. Fans of Royal Hunt, Avantasia and Sonata Arctica will find a lot to like here as will those intoTheocracy, Narnia, Essence Of Sorrow and Majestic Vanguard. Up-tempo numbers such as “The Light” (as fast a song as you will find), melodic based “Great Hall Of ReinXeed” and keyboard driven “Eternity” are as good as it gets. Of equal merit are more progressive based pieces “Northern Sky” and “Kingdom Fall” along with the shredding instrumental “Heavenly Fire”. "Higher" was released via Rivel Records on 15, May 2009, and in Japan via King Records on 25, March 2009 including a bonus track "Dreams". found the audio mix of Higher to be cleaner in comparison to The Light with a "near perfect" mix of guitar leads, drums and keyboards. One criticism was the lack of "an all out element of aggression", with the rhythm guitar sometimes lost in the mix: "There [are] portions of several songs in which all you hear are keyboards and drums, leaving one almost begging for some guitar driven muscle." This album has been released worldwide. ReinXeed is also currently working on their fourth album. Their newest album "1912" was released  May 25th on Japan...

"Mechanical Poet"
Mechanical Poet (RU) - Mechanical Poet was founded in 2002 as a studio project by ex-members of Russian avantgarde act Glazemaker Lex Plotnikoff and Tom Tokmakoff. For a few years the band known as Glazemaker was working on creating a "sound" of their own, till they evolved a sound which was a mixture between melodic metal with progressive metal riffs and symphonic orchestrations using electronic instruments. In 2003 Sebastian Trifonoff left the band and was soon replaced by Epidemia frontman Max Samosvat. With the new singer the band released its first EP, Handmade Essence. After the EP the band received several offers from various music companies, and finally signed a record deal with Italian label Aural Music In 2004 the debut album Woodland Prattlers, was released. Though the album had sold well, the union of Plotnikoff, Tokmakoff and Samosvat split in 2005 due to artistic disagreements. In 2006 the Mechanical Poet returned with a new line-up: singer Jerry Lenin (ex-4 Tarakana, Lady's Man), guitar player Lex Plotnikoff, drummer Vladimir Ermakoff (also Black Obelisk) and bass player Serge Khlebnikoff. In this line-up the band made their first ever live show (Plan B Club, Moscow, 04/08/2007) and released their third album Creepy Tales For Freaky Children(with session work of Epidemia bass player Ivan Izotov). The album had simpler arrangements with a more post-prog sound, something that was not accepted well by many metal fans of the band. Nevertheless, the album was highly acclaimed by punk and alternative rock audience. The album had bonus tracks in Russian, which was the first time the band had Russian songs. After the release of the album, Serge Khlebnikoff left Mechanical Poet. In 2007 the band released another concept album, Who Did It To Michelle Waters? A double album telling a story about a suicide of a girl and the circumstances that led her to that. The double album consisted of two parts, Music From And Inspired By The Original Sad Story and Original Score. The bass session player on the album was Daniel Zakharenkoff (a member of Black Obelisk). The 2008 saw band with new vocalist, Vladimir Nasonoff, and a new concept album Eidoline: the Arrakeen Code, based on Frank Herbert's Dune universe. On June 7, 2009 Mechanical Poet played their last show featuring ex-singers Max Samosvat and Jerry Lenin and announced they were going on indefinite hiatus.

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