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Featured Today! "Suidakra, Freedom Call..."

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Once again and I think this posts are becoming a tradition by now don't you think? This are the bands most requested on the day and yesterday night! Thanks for all your support and now without taking more of your time Here's today Featured bands!

Suidakra (DE) - SuidAkrA is a melodic death metal band from Germany with Celtic folk influences. During their fourteen-year career, they have performed over 200 live shows for several European and Russian tours, as well as a North American tour. They are also known for their use of traditional instruments to augment their sound, such as the bagpipe, banjo, and tin whistle. Suidakra was formed in 1994 by guitarist Arkadius Antonik and drummer Stefan Möller under the name Gloryfication. The band recorded two demos with varying lineups, until finally solidifying its line-up with keyboardist Daniela Voigt, guitarist Marcel Schoenen and bassist Christoph Zacharowski. Later in the same year the band's name was changed to Suidakra (Arkadius spelled backwards). In 1997, the band released their first album, the self-published Lupine Essence. The album attracted the attention of German record company Last Episode. A deal was signed, and the band proceeded to record their second album Auld Lang Syne in 1998. Soon after the release bassist Nils Bross replaced Christoph Zacharowski. Lays from Afar and The Arcanum were released in 1999 and 2000, respectively. At this point, the sound of the band had developed into melodic death metal reminiscent of many Gothenburg area bands. Further lineup changes took place after the release of The Arcanum, as Daniela Voigt and Stefan Möller left the band and Marcel Schoenen retired his band position to concentrate on song writing. In 2001, SuidAkrA signed a deal with Century Media Records. Drummer Lars Wehner and guitarist Germano Sanna joined Antonik and Bross to record the follow-up toThe Arcanum, titled Emprise to Avalon, released in 2002. This lineup didn't last long, as Bross left the band soon after recordings were complete. Marcus Riewaldt joined the band to take up the bass spot. A year later Marcel Schoenen returned to replace Sanna. The new lineup meant a change in the creative responsibilities. For the band's sixth studio album, Signs for the Fallen, all members took part in writing material. While the lineup remained the same for the next album, the band had run into disagreement with their label and eventually split. They went on to finance the next album on their own, and later signed a new recording deal with Armageddon Music. Command to Charge was released in 2005. Their eighth studio release, titled Caledonia was released on 2006-11-17. The Scottish themed album included some fairly prominent use of highland bagpipes, contributed by Axel Römer, who also appeared on some of the larger live performances. From 5–12 August 2007 some old tracks were re-recorded for a Best Of compilation titled 13 Years of Celtic Wartunes. Others tracks were remastered. This was released on the 25th April 2008. Together with a live DVD containing registrations of the Wacken 2007 performance as well as the acoustic show at the Kielowatt Festival in 2006. Release dates for other regions were 2008-04-28 (Europe) and 2008-06-10 (USA). Shortly after their performance on Ultima Ratio 3 in November 2007 the band announced that Marcel Schoenen had left the band for the second time, to concentrate on his job. Consequently a new live guitar player was recruited in the form of Tim Siebrecht, ex-member of the disbanded formation Sleeping Gods. The band returned to Gernhart recording studios in November 2008 to record their ninth studio album Crógacht. The album featured greater Celtic influences, taking its name from the Gaelic word for bravery. It was released on February 20, 2009 in Germany, February 23 in the rest of Europe, and March 3 in the USA. Suidakra supported this album with a US and European tour throughout 2009. In May 2009, Suidakra announced a Chinese tour, as well as informing fans that tour guitarist and backup vocalist, Sebastian Hintz, was promoted to full member. On October 6, 2010, SuidAkrA announced that after a short tour and some festival appearances they would enter the studio to begin recording what will be their tenth studio album, Book of Dowth. On March 25th,2011, Suidakra released their 10th studio album, Book of Dowth.

"Freedom Call"
Freedom Call (DE) - Freedom Call was formed in 1998 by old friends Chris Bay and Daniel Zimmermann during an off-period for the latter's main band, Gamma Ray. They eventually completed a six-song demo with the well-known producer Charlie Bauerfeind, who offered the tape to several record companies. At the same time, the Freedom Call line up was completed by Ilker Ersin on the Bass guitar and Sascha Gerstner on Guitar. Chris and Dan saw Sascha in the beginning of 1998, playing in a cover band. Ilker and Chris had played together in a band called Moon Doc for some years. The debut album, Stairway to Fairyland was released in early 1999, and on the 25th of May Freedom Call made their official live debut during a France tour as support band ofAngra and Edguy. At the end of August Freedom Call started recording the 5-track Mini LP called "Taragon", with new songs, a cover version of Ultravox' "Dancing with tears in my eyes", a new-sung version of the "Stairway to Fairyland" a Japanese bonus track called "Kingdom Come" and a new version of "Tears of Taragon" with Biff Byford, singer ofSaxon narrating the "Tale of Taragon" on it. By the end of 1999, Freedom Call had entered the studio again to record the second album called "Crystal Empire", which was released in late 2000. In March 2001 Sascha Gerstner left Freedom Call (he would later join Helloween). He was eventually replaced by Cedric "Cede" Dupont, the Swiss guitarist of Symphorce. In the middle of January 2002 the new formation of the band began recording their new album called "Eternity." Dan and Chris produced the album on their own this time as Charlie Bauerfeind was not available at the time. He was, however, responsible for the drum recordings and the final mix. Later that year, they were invited on tour with Blind Guardian. During this tour they recorded the live album, "Live Invasion" together with Charlie Bauerfeind in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich. The keyboard player used on this tour, Nils Neumann, was soon invited to become the fifth member of the band. After an extended break, the next album The Circle of Life was recorded at Hansen Studio, Hamburg and FC Studios, Nuremberg from August to October 2004, and released in March, 2005. Shortly after the release, both Cede Dupont and Ilker Ersin decided to leave Freedom Call (independently of each other). Replacements were eventually announced in the respective form of the unknown Lars Rettkowitz and Armin Donderer, formerly of Paradox. A new album with the title "Dimensions" was released on April 23, 2007 and, according to Dan Zimmermann, sounds closer to the Eternity album than its more experimental successor. The songs "The Wanderer" and "Dimensions" were also used in the online rhythm game "Flash Flash Revolution" In March 2009, the band announced that they were putting the finishing touches to a new album, and that they had parted ways with bassist Armin Donderer, who would be replaced by Samy Saemann.Also Dan Zimmerman announced that he would be replaced by Klaus Sperling for the 2010 touring cycle as he would be on the road with Gamma Ray during this period. This announcement has been widely misinterpreted as Dan permanently leaving the band however the Freedom Call website confirms that Klaus is a touring member of the band only and that Dan remains the permanent drummer of Freedom Call.

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