Monday, May 16, 2011

Feature Today! "Crystal Viper, In Legend..."

Hello L&D Listeners!

Having a nice beginning of the week? If not I have something that will make you feel renewed! Here's the Featured bands! Thanks for requesting and all your support!

"Crystal Viper"
Crystal Viper (PO) - CRYSTAL VIPER started their Heavy/Power Metal adventure in 2003 in Poland, after being formed by Marta Gabriel (vocalist, guitarist, pianist) and her husband - Bart Gabriel (producer and manager). After several demo recordings and compilation apperances, band signed papers with the German label Karthago Records. Debut concept album came out in 2007 (on both CD and limited edition vinyl LP), and received great feedback from both fans and press. Between 2006 and 2007 CRYSTAL VIPER promoted the album on live shows in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, and shared the stage with acts such as: ANVIL, DORO, CRADLE OF FILTH and BLITZKRIEG. In 2008 the next - this time strictly limited - release was out: "The Last Axeman" CD and LP, which was a compilation of new songs, live recordings, and covers. One of these cover songs, VIRGIN STEELE's "Blood And Gasoline", was recorded with 2 original members of this band - vocalist David DeFeis and guitarist Joshua Block. An alternate version of this special "CRYSTAL VIPER & VIRGIN STEELE" duet song was used as an exclusive bonus track on the 2008 re-release of the VIRGIN STEELE classic album "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell". In early 2009 the third release was ready: an album titled "Metal Nation", produced by Bart Gabriel, mixed and mastered by the Grammy nominated KING DIAMOND guitarist, Andy La Rocque. "Metal Nation" again received bunch of positive reviews, and was released on CD (in Europe and Japan) and limited edition vinyl LP. During the "Metal Nation Tour 2009", CRYSTAL VIPER played their first shows in Greece and Spain, and recorded their first live album titled "Defenders Of The Magic Circle - Live In Germany", on MANOWAR's own Magic Circle Festival. During autumn of 2009, band released 2 singles: "The Wolf And The Witch" (7" vinyl on High Roller Records) and "Stronghold: Under Siege" - special CD single, which was added to the first edition of the bestseller fantasy board-game "Stronghold", produced by the famous Portal Publishing company. In 2010 CRYSTAL VIPER found new home label, the AFM Records, and under this new banner released mentioned live album. The brand new studio album titled "Legends" - with lyrics based on the old Polish legends, and recorded with special guests such as: Rhino (ex-MANOWAR, ANGELS OF BABYLON), Stefan Kaufmann (ex-ACCEPT, U.D.O.), Mat Sinner (PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER) and Sven D'Anna & Dano Boland (WIZARD), was released on October 22, 2010. CRYSTAL VIPER, the new heroes of True Heavy Metal, still continue their crusade. Their are loud, hard, and heavy. They are METAL.

"In Legend"
In Legend (DE) - IN LEGEND does, in no way, try to exclusively create a brand new type of sound. It is the songs which take the listener on a new aural experience. Influenced by the rhythmical feeling and atmosphere of Burkina Faso on the African continent where he spent his early childhood, Bastian has developed into one of the finest drummers in the German rock scene. He has toured with metal and rock ‘n’ roll bands all across Europe and was also able to win the hearts of the Chinese fans as the drummer for the thrash metal band NARAKAM when he spent the years 2006 and 2007 in China. He is currently also the drummer for the world’s only metal a-cappella band VAN CANTO. After returning to Germany from Africa, it seemed, though, that the drums weren’t the only instrument to shape his musical career. Bastian, upon his return, started to teach himself by ear how to play the piano, and he already composed many songs at a very early age without being able to read a single note of sheet music. Whilst trying to explain his own compositions to guitarists from his early bands, Bastian had been able to develop his own style, which comprises of smooth, carrying riffs in the left hand and flowing melodies in the right, and which is also apparent in the songs. Bastian has in fact discovered the previously unchartered territory of heavy music for the piano and describes his findings befittingly. Together with this extraordinary talent, Bastian‘s unmistakable voice ubiquitously brings together all aspects which can also be found in his drumming: Intensity, energy, and passion. With their EP Pandemonium, which was released early 2010, IN LEGEND will literally burst into the open rock and metal scene, and in Spring they are going to tour and present themselves to an audience for the first time. What they offer to the listener is an unexpected but welcome and fresh approach to energetic music. Their 1st studio album is set to be released in early 2011, and then the main mission can begin…In Legend Been in constant rotation on L&D Radio with their EP and now we are waiting for the new album!!!! \m/.

AnsoticcA (NET/DE) - Ansoticca are a new band from the Netherlands/Germany, meeting & forming in 2008 due to a mutual passion for epic symphonic-metal. They are influenced by acts such as Within Temptation & Nightwish but they definitely have their own sound... AnsoticcA manages to take new musical paths while at the same time using the strength of gothic metal. They come up with a debut release that contains everything that you can expect from a good album. Epic melodies combined with heavy guitars and a voice with a high grade of recognition give the band around charismatic front singer Carie a new unique sound. The musicians, who have played in various well-known bands like Biest, Marya Roxx, Graaf or Respawn discovered their singer, Carie van Heden, at the dutch Rockacademie, where also Floor of After Forever got the possibility to develop her talent. For the recordings of the album the band could also get in company with Johan van Stratum (bassist of Stream of Passion) as guest musician. On Nov., 5th the album will be released in Europe via Rockfeld Records, a label that was found especially to push the album production of “Rise” and will be distributed via SAOL and H’Art and digitally via Zebralution. From October on the band is to be seen in the Netherlands as well as different cities in Germany. You can be curious what you will hear about this band in the near future.Their debut album “Rise” was released on the November 2010 through Rockfeld Records / SAOL / H'art / Zebralution!

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