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Alpthraum (CAN)Alpthraum is a musical project from Montreal, Canada, created in the middle of June 2009 and consisting of only one member, Gustave G. Alpthraum started as an ambient metal band with two members, but due to the departure of one member for personal reasons, and also the dissatisfaction with the sound and feel of the music, Alpthraum became a musical project in 2010. Led by Gustave G. (and with the open contribution of various talented musicians), the project took a new path, Gustave decided to continue with the project and leave behind the previous sound and feel, by replacing it with a new style, thematics and musical aspect. Alpthraum's music is influenced by real dreams, the human mind and the principle of surrealism. Dreams that can differ from reflective, harmonized and emotional to chaotic, dark and apocalyptic. One promo album, "Dying Sun", was released in 2010. It featured a very atmospheric and surreal feel, a unique bombastic symphonic sound with heavy guitars and powerful drums. "Eyes of a Monument" was released on March 26 2011 in both, physical and digital format. The album will consist of ten different monumental songs entirely composed byGustave G. with the collaboration of E.C. Stanley (orchestra), Edwin Lasalle(drums), Christopher L. (bass) 
Haken (UK)Formed in 2007 by three school friends Richard Henshall, Ross Jennings and Matthew Marshall (ex-guitarist), Haken is a virtuosic and eclectic progressive rock/metal band from London, England, comprising the country's finest young musicians. Having met the band on an online forum, keyboard virtuoso Peter Jones (ex-member) soon slotted into the line-up, bringing with him close friend and drummer Raymond Hearne. After acquiring the support of renowned To-Mera guitarist Tom Maclean on bass, the band soon completed a thirty-five minute demo consisting of three tracks, 'Snow', 'Souls' and 'Manifolds'. In July 2007, Haken showcased their music for the very first time to a packed out London bar with a great response, followed the next week by a sold out show at "the best live music venue in south-west London", The Peel in Kingston. Within months of this double-debut performance, Haken were billed in support of Riverside (Inside Out) at Camden’s prestigious Underworld. Haken continued performing sets to packed houses throughout London and the UK during this time, most notably several sold-out shows at The Peel, as well as producing an additional three tracks for their demo, 'Blind', 'Sleeping Thoughts Wake', and 'Black Seed', the last of which featured on the cover CD for the second issue of 'Classic Rock presents Prog' magazine in June 2009. In 2008, Haken received a massive blow in personnel and parted ways with Jones and Marshall, who went on to pursue other careers. It wasn’t long, however, before acclaimed Linear Sphere/Anchorhead guitarist Charlie Griffiths fitted the bill, shortly followed by gifted keyboardist Diego Tejeida late in 2008. In the last year, Haken have gone on to enjoy UK tours in support of cult metal bands King’s X (Inside Out), Bigelf (Custard Records), and To-Mera and continue to extend their fan base, as well as developing an eighty-minute epic concept album entitled ‘Aquarius’. Early on in the writing process for the album, Haken were contacted by the Laser’s Edge Group who later signed the band to their specialist progressive metal label Sensory Records, through which AQUARIUS was released worldwide in MARCH 2010 gaining many positive and exciting reviews, notably in Classic Rock Presents Prog [plus a detailed feature article on the band by the editor - Jerry Ewing] and on Prog Archives. In their brief existence, Haken have become highly respected within the British metal and progressive communities. Their unique and imaginative genre-bending approach to music has garnered praise from all corners of the globe and they are becoming more widely known in The States and across Europe with interest beginning to develop in Japan and Australia. Haken continue to perform exciting live shows, sharing the stage with The Diablo Swing Orchestra at The Underworld and introducing their music to an enthusiastic wider audience at PROGPOWER EUROPE 2010 with Shadow Gallery and SUMMERS END 2010 with Karmakanic and Agent of Mercy. Richard is currently writing the music for the highly anticipated second Haken album and the band is working collaboratively on developing the album in the rehearsal rooms. They are looking forward enthusiastically to sharing the stage with Freak Kitchen in London in November 2010 and to their USA debut at PROGPOWER USA XII at Center Stage Atlanta in September 2011.

"Jimmy Romero"
"John Wolf"
"Danny Marquez"
"Wayne Thornburg"
Twilight Symphony (USA)Back in 1999, Twilight Symphony released a 4-track demo (self-titled) with the soul purpose of, as Jimmy Romero put it, "testing the waters". It was recorded in two days and they mastered in another; they burned a couple of hundred and created a tray card and labels and mailed it out here and there. After a couple of local shows and some positive feedback they caught their first break. After being asked to play for Angeles De Inferno (a Mexican metal band), they were dropped from the bill and added to a more commercial tour, which was the Mexico Tour of Quiet Riot. They played with the 80s Rock giants for their new release in 2000 on the Alive and Well tour. The very next month they played again in Mexico for the Killer Metal group Helloween and then went back into the studio to produce their second album entitled “Crossed Dimensions” (2003). After little or no exposure due to many factors, the band took a break to look at the direction of their music. The year 2005 came very quickly for all of Twilight Symphony’s camp, and low and behold, their 2nd CD found its first break.  Promoters for an Anthrax show contacted TS and asked if they could play the show in Chihuahua on March 6th of 2005. They accepted and began to tour to promote their Crossed Dimensions CD. The show was a success and brought sharply into focus the new direction and urgency of a new CD. Now touring for the Crossed Dimensions CD and working on a new improved TS with the addition of a new drummer Oscar Lopez and bassist Wayne Thornburg. John Wolf was featured with Romero cover band “Distant Skies”, but now Twilight Symphony has re-grouped and is working towards some local shows and the infamous 3rd CD release. It has been difficult for all members; changes in the line-up and the economy has put the slow on TS, but Jimmy and John feel that the time is right for the well awaited return. Twilight Symphony will keep you posted and check back to our soon to be re-opened web site. Since then our boys have reformed and opened up for the one and only Ripper F*@kin Owens with Beyond Fear in 2009. UPDATE! : TS has completed a tribute to the King of Horror Metal, King Diamond. Their first show in El Paso, Texas had done very well and they are currently working on new material for their club shows. Once again Jimmy and John are still working on new original material but have been caught up in the King Diamond Conspiracy. The studio will have to wait a little longer.

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