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Featured Today! "Scar Symmetry,Age Of Silence..."

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"Scar Symmetry"
Scar Symmetry (SWE)Scar Symmetry is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Avesta in Dalarna County, formed in 2004. The band has released four albums, with six released singles. They are currently signed to Nuclear Blast records.  Formed in April 2004, Scar Symmetry came together during the band Altered Aeon's recording session at Jonas Kjellgren's Black Lounge Studios by guitarists Jonas Kjellgren,Per Nilsson and drummer Henrik Ohlsson. That same month, vocalist Christian Älvestam and bassist Kenneth Seil joined the band, which then recorded a demo for the song "Seeds of Rebellion" which helped the band get a recording contract with Cold Records (a subsidiary of Metal Blade Records). In July 2005, the band entered Black Lounge Studios to begin recording its debut album, Symmetric in Design. It followed it up by playing festivals in Europe,as well as touring with Soilwork, Hypocrisy, and One Man Army. In June 2006, the band signed a new record deal with Nuclear Blast records.[9] Eight months after the release of Symmetric In Design the band started recording its follow-up,Pitch Black Progress. The band again followed up its recording by touring, this time with Communic for the Waves of Pitch Black Decay Tour 2006 throughout Europe, and they toured North America with melodic death metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity and The Haunted. The song "The Illusionist" began receiving air-play on MTV2'sHeadbangers Ball. In September 2007, the band embarked on another North American tour with headliners Katatonia, Insomnium, and Swallow the Sun, the "Live Consternation Tour." The band's third album, Holographic Universe, was released on June 20, 2008. Following the release, despite an outpouring of good reviews and press for the album as well as the success of the single for "Morphogenesis", Scar Symmetry did not embark on tours. The band released a statement on September 11, 2008 announcing that they had parted ways with vocalist Christian Älvestam, due to touring conflicts and creative differences. On 6 October, they announced the replacements for Christian Älvestam: they will continue with two singers, Roberth Karlsson (growls and backing clean vocals) and Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals and backing growls) and the band finally began touring in support of the new album in December after six months. The band's fourth album, Dark Matter Dimensions, was released on 2 October 2009 in Europe, and on 20 October 2009 in the US. It is the bands first album to feature new vocalists Karlsson and Palmqvist. Despite the replacement of previous singer, the album received generally positive reviews upon its release. A music video was filmed for the songs "Noumenon & Phenomenon", "Ascension Chamber" and "The Iconoclast". From late October 2009, Scar Symmetry took part in the Neckbreakers Ball Tour alongside Behemoth, DevilDriver and Arsis. In February 2010, Scar Symmetry announced that they were to support head-liners Hypocrisy at the "A Taste of Extreme Divinity" tour. Towards the end of 2010, they toured with Epica in the United States and Canada - starting in West Springfield, Virginia on 16 November, and finishing in Raleigh, North Carolina on 18 December. Scar Symmetry's fifth album, titled The Unseen Empire, is set to be released in Europe on 18 April 2011. Drummer Henrik Ohlsson states that the title of the album "seeks to expose the hidden hand of the elite that pull the strings of mankind in order to fulfill their agenda of global domination"

Age Of Silence (NOR) - Featuring such names as Lars Nedland (Solefald), Jan Axel Von Blomberg (Mayhem) and Lars Eric Si (Khold), AGE OF SILENCE is an avant-garde metal supergroup consisting primarily of members of the black metal scene. Yet like contemporaries ARCTURUS (with whom they share their drummer), AGE OF SILENCE are far more prog influenced and keyboard driven than any of the groups from which their members have come (aside from maybe Winds, who share 4/5ths of this band's personnel) and created an unmistakably unique style with their 2004 debut "Acceleration". The band is not "uber" popular but we will cahnge that on L&D right? \m/

"System Divide"
System Divide (ISR/USA)As opposed to interjecting simple, predictable clean choruses into contrived song structures, SYSTEM DIVIDE unites serene female vocals and extreme vocals driven by lyrical themes that confront and seek to break everyday themes of disillusionment, societal materialism, and individual apathy. Musically, the band delivers myriad styles of riffing and grooves, while augmenting the entrancing soundscapes with hard-hitting drums and intricate bass lines. These elements together define the unique, spell binding, hypnotic sound of SYSTEM DIVIDE. After a self released debut EP, SYSTEM DIVIDE released their first fullength in the fall of 2010 on METAL BLADE records. Further fusing the elements already present on the debut EP. The Conscious Sedation further pushes the envelope mixing in various styles in a tasteful and extreme manner. The Production was handled by none less than James Murphy (ex-Death, Testament, Obituary) allowing for a heavy yet crisp sounding record that will annihilate your speakers. SYSTEM DIVIDE did their first US tour with ELUVEITIE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and HOLY GRAIL on february 2010 and this is just the beginning, ladies and gents... Keep your eyes and ears wide open!!!

Hamka (FRA)We are proud to show you the French metal band HAMKA based in the south of France, this name comes from an old Tibetan godess...The band was created in december 2003 by Willdric Lievin, previously founder and compositor of the french band Fairyland. Willdric entered the music world as a drummer when he was 10. During many years he played in different kind of band. In 1998, he founded Fairyland but after troubles due to musical directions, he decided to build a new band mixing different metal styles and ambiences. After their great collaboration and friendship in Fairyland, only one name came up on his mind for the sing, it was Elisa C.Martin, the famous spanish woman singer (ex Dark Moor and , actual singer of Dreamaker). Her experience and knowledge of music bring force to the band. Then, Damien Rainaud (ex Stress, ex Assacrentis), a talented drummer from Nice and a close friend of Willdric joins the band. In january 2004 Yann Mouhad (ex guitarist in a local band called Whiplash) is recruited. His technic and incredible feeling bring a professional touch to the compositions... After a 4 years break, Willdric is starting the composing process of the upcoming album which will be more rythmical oriented with even more ethnical parts ! For the moment no official line up is schedule but many famous guests will join the concept... Stay tuned!
Tengwar (ARG)After the first demo attempts made in 2001 by composer, singer and bass player Thorvi Fairstone in collaboration with guitarist Julián Barrett (LORIHEN) and Galician piperMariano Rapán (ACHAIVA DA PONTE), the need to settle a band starts to be noticeable. Being a part of a trend including strategic allegiance with groups such as Dolmen and Skiltron, the band made the first steps on its own on October of 2003, concentrating on the difficult task of giving shape to an ambitious musical project featuring traditional Celtic and Medieval instruments in almost every song. Thus, Julián and Fernando Bonino –guitarist and drummer of DOLMEN– join together withThorvi Fairstone and the Galician piper Juan Pablo Aguirre (GALAIKATOLEMIA), and a little later, female bass player Patricia Flores, this resulting in the founding core of TENGWAR. This team succeeded in the recording of the first demo of the band in which Irish folk fiddler Alfredo Fariña (DERWIDD) was also involved as a guest musician. But soon Julián Bonino was absorbed by a personal project and there would be a vacancy in the guitarist place for more than a while. Finally with the incorporation of guitarist Germán Hecker the band was completed and ready to strike. The dream was marching. Disinterested collaboration of "Celtic" and "medieval" musicians such as violinist SeumasMac Lìonadair (FINGAL, BRIONNA), flautists Rubén Soifer and Gachi Flores (TOCANDO EL AIRE) or the singers Martín Príncipe (ARKHAM) and Abel Leguizamón (DOLMEN) to mention some, and the guitarist Emilio Souto (SKILTRON, FËANOR) was the key to finally configure the band. Many difficulties and efforts having been left behind, TENGWAR finally reaches the audiences on October 9 of 2004, in a festival given by the Argentine Tolkien Association (ATA). After this presentation Seumas Mac Líonadair, Rubén Soifer and Gachi Flores formally join permanent staff of the band. These days the band plays some of the songs that are intended to be a part of their first album: "The Halfling's Rise". The circle closes. The idea becomes reality. The dream lives on.

"Virgin Black"
Virgin Black (AUS) - “Sombre Romantic”, Virgin Black’s debut album brought together maturity and experimentation with a poise and dignity that few seem to replicate. Fittingly, upon its independent release the band was signed to Massacre Records (King Diamond, Fates Warning) for Europe and The End Records (The Gathering, Arcturus, Ulver) for the U.S. and now take pride of place in a fledgling scene that has a unique set of values that place artistic integrity over safety and familiarity. A dark opera, a classical doom touched epic, a sinister soundtrack to life’s bitterness. So what of the follow up? Does it follow the path that its forbearer laid? Is it an experimental upheaval? “Elegant…and dying” is an experience that does not feel the need to answer those questions. It is a natural, heartfelt outpouring which is painstakingly compiled while devoid of deliberate commercial strategy. A 75 minute, elaborate journey that few will comprehend or absorb without adequate time and thought. That said, the flow of the album entices the listener in with the first tracks offering a fragile, open simplicity that defies the challenging complexity that follows. Again, one is astonished with the cohesion that is displayed by the two composers who insist on writing individually. Rowan London (vocals, piano and keyboard) and Samantha Escarbe (lead guitar) have intertwined their personal touches throughout the album’s entirety. Further enhancing the depth that the two display, Escarbe again handles the beautiful and poignant artwork for the album, while London demonstrates his prowess in the production department. Along with the release of the new album, 2003 saw Virgin Black branching out on the live performance front. With a U.S. tour playing with America’s Agalloch and England’s Antimatter under their belt, Virgin Black moved onto the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Germany where all expectations were surpassed and the band’s unique approach to its music encapsulated the large audience. The band continued in Australia with a national tour and rousing performance at Australia’s premier festival Metal For The Brain.Having shared the stage with acts such as Opeth, Cathedral, Entombed, Paradise Lost, Vehemence and Tiamat, Virgin Black are gaining quite a reputation as a unique and powerful live act. Further credits have included repeated soundtrack play on MTV programmes in the US. Voted editors top 10 best album of 2003 in Metal Maniacs (US), commendations from the Franco Corelli (Pavarotti, Bocelli) trained operatic tenor, Agim Hushi and being featured in the prestigious “Das Gothic-Und Dark Wave-Lexicon” encyclopedia. The scope of its latest offering is ambitious almost to the point of absurdity. In a groundbreaking endeavour, Australia's premier experimentalists will release three albums simultaneously. Each is a separate entity, but each is also linked through recurring musical themes and artistic motifs. When fully unfurled in all its grandeur, listeners will experience a grandiloquent over two and a half hour Requiem Mass with three stages of evolution. Requiem - pianissimo is an entirely classical album with instrumentation performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and featuring spectacular choral arrangements along with tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano solo voices. "Requiem - pianissimo" forsakes guitars and drums in favour of the melancholic tragedy and bombastic dynamics of classical composition. Requiem - mezzo forte is where the band joins the orchestra and strikes a balance more reminiscent of previous Virgin Black outings, albeit, with greater epic breadth. Requiem - fortissimo unleashes a sound infinitely heavier than anything in Virgin Black's history. While still retaining an air of classical sensibility, it concludes the series with an intense dose of death/doom. With Virgin Black, ambition is a given. REQUIEM is beyond ambition.
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