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Featured Today! "Rebellion, Arkan..."

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Rebellion (DE) - After their breakup with Grave Digger Uwe Lulis and Tomi Göttlich decided to form a new Metalband with the name:"Rebellion“.The first release was a concept album entitled "Shakespeare‘s Macbeth - A Tragedy in Steel“. The Album was a great success and is a cult-album in Metal history. The band toured and played several headliner shows. The second CD „Born a Rebel“ came out in 2003 and was followed by tours with Running Wild, U.D.O. and festivals all around Europe in 2003 /2004. With their third album, Rebellion started a trilogy about the Vikings and their Sagas. The first Viking-album was released in 2005 under the title: „Sagas of Iceland - The History of the Vikings – Volume I“. Drummer Gerd Lücking joined the band, as former drummer Randy Black had to quit his job with Rebellion. The band played a successful headliner-tour in Germany / Switzerland / Belgium, plus several festivals and headliner single-shows. End of 2005, original member Björn Eilen was forced to leave the band due to health problems. Simone Wenzel, one of the best female guitar-players in Germany, was found to take over his part. In 2007 the band released the second part of the Viking-trilogy: „Miklagard – The History of the Vikings – Volume II“. The band played festivals and headlinershows in 2007 / 2008. In 2009 they released the third Viking-album „Arise – From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök – The History of the Vikings – Volume III“ on Massacre Records. After Uwe Lulis, Gerd Lücking and Simone Wenzel left Rebellion in December 2010 Tomi and Michael decided to keep the band alive and find new musicians. Oliver Geibig (guitar) and David Faifer (drums) joined the band in 2011.


Arkan (FRA)ARKAN born in May 2005 from the meeting between Abder (former member of Dawn of Decline) and Foued (former member of The Old Dead Tree) with a common goal: to mix "Metal" in the broadest sense and oriental music, harmonious musical journey between the south and north. To support them, Mus and Samir (former members of Worth - Algerian band of Death Metal) and Florent (former member of Whisper-X) joined them. Quickly they release their first auto produced MCD : Burning Flesh is born. A concentrate of violence, twenty minutes of pure Death Metal Chahbi mixed and other Eastern moods. For several months, the band climbed on stage to promote its 1st opus with many bands (Decapitated, Dagoba, No Return, Hacride…) and various venues (Scene Bastille, La Maroquinerie, Le Batofar, The Forum…). At the same time, ARKAN were preparing its first album, pushing the elements of Burning Flesh to their limits: metal riffs with Arabic moods with more aggressive parts, more exotic atmospheric climax, careful integration of oriental instruments (Oûd, Mandola, Derbouka, Bendir, Cajon, Tabla, Bouzouki), traditional oriental male and female voices. The album "Hilal" was recorded at Studio Fredman, produced by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Septic Flesh, At The Gates…) and mastered at Hansen Studio by Jacob Hansen (Hatesphere, Aborted, Volbeat…), it enjoys a sharp production, skillfully putting forward the different colors and moods of the work. The band released its album in collaboration with Season Of Mist and Evil Campbell Design and the band toured with Septicflesh on the Communion tour in 2009 to promote it. Now back from a tour with Orphaned Land accross France and Europe the band released of their  "Salam" to be released late their newest album.

Illuminandi (POL)Illuminandi is a seven-piece Polish band that performs a unique style of rock music in which heavy guitar riffs are as prominent as haunting cello and violin melodies. Although sometimes described as “folk metal” or “gothic metal”, the band’s sound does not easily yield to boundaries. Even though Illuminandi appeals to most melodic metal fans, their music also contains elements of extreme metal, classical music, European folk music, progressive rock, early music and even hardcore. The band’s discography consists of two albums and one extended play (EP): The Beginning (2005), Zombworks Records (compilation of demos and live tracks) Illumina Tenebras Meas (2007), Mocne Ramię Records (EP) In Via (2010), Ars Mundi (LP) The band’s latest album In Via (Latin for “on the way”) features guest performances from members of Celtic band Open Folk (Paweł Iwaszkiewicz – recorders, shawm) and Polish avant-garde folksters Żywiołak (Robert Jaworski – hurdy gurdy) as well as two former Illuminandi vocalists. The CD was mastered by Polish mastering legend Grzegorz Piwkowski. “In Via” was released on Ars Mundi on May 28 2010. Illuminandi have shared the stage with artists such as 2TM2,3, Ador Dorath,Anastasis, Armia, Cemetery of Scream, Dissolving of Prodigy, Greedy Invalid,Holy Blood, Kreyson, My Silent Wake, OX, Pantokrator, Pillar, Project 86,Rootwater, Sacrificium, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Tourniquet, Virgin Black and many others.

"Cypher Seer"
Cypher Seer (USA) - "A Powerful band from the USA first time I heard it I got catched got requests via email to featured it! If you haven't listen to it WHAT YOU WAITING FOR! start requesting \m/ (APPROVED! by L&D Radio)" Cypher Seer is a melodic heavy metal band that emerged from central New Jersey in early 2003. Initially known as Malakis Reign, CypherSeer quickly created a buzz with their unique brand of heavy metal, mixing an American Power Metal style with bits of European flavor. Whether on their recordings or during live shows, CypherSeer always pushes the envelope in order to keep the experience fresh and their fans interested. The history of CypherSeer has included a lot of big names in the metal industry such as James Rivera (Helstar, Vicious Rumors) and Mike LePond (Symphony X). However, the most notable name is producer extraordinaire Fredrik Nordstrom. Nordstrom’s magic can be heard on "Awakening Day", Cypher Seer’s debut album. After the release of Awakening Day, the band had parted ways with their singer, drummer and bassist. During the winter of 2008, the rebuilding process began with the search for a new vocalist. The spot was quickly filled by Zeno Rodrigo, a powerful singer whose voice would redefine the sound of CypherSeer. With the focal point of the band accounted for, auditions continued for the remainder of the rhythm section. In the end, drummer Lee Corrado and bassist Kristian Lolo were the two musicians selected to fill the roster, and CypherSeer was reborn. Now, armed with an improved line-up, CypherSeer returns with the recording of their sophomore album, "Blood For New Life". With Fredrik Nordstrom once again behind the mixing board, the new album brings a more powerful and ambitious album than their debut. The vision, sound, and drive are completely in sync, as a new era begins…

Hope For The Dying (USA)Hope for the Dying formed in November of 2006 with sights set on bringing something different to the table. Tiring of the typical simplistic music that has manifested itself in the heavy music culture, Hope for the Dying brings new meaning to the idea of 'guitar-driven metal.' By blending the musical virtuosity of old school shred-metal pioneers like Iron Maiden and Metallica with the modern edge of today's progressive heavy-hitters like Between the Buried and Me and The Human Abstract, Hope for the Dying is developing a signature sound that is as technically proficient as it is fresh and unique. In 2008, Hope for the Dying was featured in HM Magazine's 'Pick-of-the-Litter' section and subsequently inked a deal with the newly resurrected Strike First Records (a division of Facedown Records) and released their debut self-titled full length on November 25 of that year. In the two years following the release of their debut, Hope for the Dying matured in both their music and their line-up, and by the end of 2010, the band was stronger and more driven than ever before. Then on December 1, the band revealed that they will be releasing the follow up to 2008's debut in the spring of 2011 on Facedown Records. In early 2011, Hope for the Dying finished writing and began the tracking process for the new album. Upon completion of the recording process, the band entered 456 Recordings outside Huntsville, AL, to mix and master the album with the help of engineer Brian Hood (A Plea for Purging, The Crimson Armada). The new album, titled "Dissimulation," was released on April 26, 2011, through Facedown Records.

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