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Featured Today! "Andromeda, Elysion..."

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Andromeda (SWE) - The origins of the Swedish quintet Andromeda can be traced back to 1999 when Johan submitted the demo "Welcome to forever" to the recordlabel WAR-music who wanted to sign a deal. The feeling was mutual and in the autumn that year Andromeda came together as Thomas, Martin and bassplayer Gert Daun and Johan started rehearsing the songs for the "EXTENSION OF THE WISH" album. In March 2000 Andromeda entered the Dug-Out studio to cut the album with acclaimed producer Daniel Bergstrand. Vocal duties were handled by Lawrence Mackrory, doing the job as a hired gun. A month later it was mixed and ready, but it wasn´t until February 2001 that "EXTENSION OF THE WISH" hit the recordshops. In the meanwhile, the Andromeda line-up was completed when David joined the band in August 2000.Containing a dose of heavy, intense yet melodic progressive metal "EXTENSION OF THE WISH" quickly seized the interest of magazines, webzines and fans. To support the album the band made a tour of Sweden during the spring and also made a succesful appearance at the Progpower festival in the Netherlands in October. August was spent re-recording the vocals for "EXTENSION OF THE WISH", this time by David, remixing the tracks and recording two new tracks for a French release of the album by the label NTS. It was released in November and Andromeda went on a tour of France together with EVERGREY in February 2001. At this point the band had already began cutting the tracks for their second assault: "II=I". The recordings continued throughout the year with Martin as producer. In August the album was completed, containing a more complex, vocal-oriented style of Andromeda. In 2003 bassplayer Fabian Gustavsson replaced Gert, adding the final piece to the powerful jigsaw puzzle that is the ultimate Andromeda line-up. After a world wide release of the album, touring and festival gigs the band began writing material for their upcoming album "CHIMERA", and in the spring of 2004 the recordings were initiated. Striving for a simpler, more in-your-face kind of approach, the new material is certainly a step forward for the band, already approved by the Swedish and Turkish crowds. The third album is once again produced by Martin, going for a rock-solid sound. "CHIMERA" contains all the elements that Andromeda is built of, but certainly stands out as a new, fresh chapter in the musical evolution of Andromeda and was released world wide during the spring of 2006. Following the bands european tourdates Andromedas first live DVD "PLAYING OFF THE BOARD" was released in April 2007. This high quality product has recieved raving reviews and shows what the band is capable of in a live situation. The fourth and latest release by the band is called "THE IMMUNITY ZONE" and is released during the early fall of 2008 throughout the world. Stronger than ever Andromeda is here to show you something you have not heard before. Dark, brutal, energic and intelligent. Open your ears and you too will trancend into the multifaceted galaxy of Andromeda! 


Elysion (GRE) - ELYSION were founded in 2006 by guitarist and composer Johnny Zero & Maxi Nil who, by welcoming on board talented musicians of different backrounds, soon shaped up a highly promising team, with music approach consisting of many shades of atmospheric and metal elements mixed pop/rock formulas as well as alternative/electro and gothic influences. Recording the demo right away, which was immediately elected as “Demo of The Month” in Metal Hammer Magazine, ELYSION received excellent critics in webzines and magazines, complimenting outmost on the exceptionally professional sound witch gladly matched European and American high standards. Giving their first interview to metalmare magazine, ELYSION right from their very first months of active presence were hosted in numerous columns and were interviewed for radio stations and TV music shows, all this causing the music soon to spread and help them receive several awards (one of them being Fillipos Nakas /pop and rock awards 2006 for best band). In the following time ELYSION, among many concerts, were invited to headline in important rock and metal events and also had the pleasure to support a great number of top artists of the scene, most importantly The Gathering, Christian Death, Diary of Dreams, Star Industry. In July 2008, ELYSION’s frontwoman was honored to be invited to join the stage with Moonspell in “Rock ‘em All Festival” presenting Pain of Salvation, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, Iced Earth, Venom and perform as a guest singer by the side of Fernando Ribeiro. Also in 2008 the band entered the studio for the recordings of debut album, which, achieving to be an excellent sample of ELYSION’s potential, soon attracted the attention of numerous record labels, leading ELYSION in signing up with Massacre Records. In the next months ELYSION completed mixing and mastering of the album, having the great privilege to work with America’s top engineer Ted Jensen (Madonna, Evanescence, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Nickelback, Korn, Marilyn Manson) and have their music mastered in his very owned Sterling Sound Studios, thereby gaining and important advantage of very high-standards production. Elysion’s debut album ‘’Silent Scr3am’’ ,which was released under Massacre Records on December 18th 2009,was warmly welcomed by both international market and media, receiving excellent critics and thereby leading to the further release of ‘’Silent Scr3am’’ in two additional editions, the Japanese and Taiwanese Editions, including extra material and bonus tracks. During 2010,the band communicated their debut album by touring Greece and taking part in numerous live shows and festivals ,the first of which took place in their hometown Athens,where Elysion shared the stage withDraconian. Approaching the end of the year,Elysion had the great honor of becoming the first ever Greek band to take part in Hard Rock Hell Festival, one of the most important Rock and Metal conventions which takes place in the United Kingdom on year basis, among masters of the scene such as Helloween, Skid Row, UFO, Stratovarious, Paul Di Anno, Saxon, L.A. Guns, Airbourne and an endless list of others. Hard Rock Hell’s outstanding experience was followed by Elysion’s live show with Firewind in Thessaloniki,and by the closure of the bands touring cycle on February 18,2011 at a sold out live Show in Athens, leaving the band fully excited and ready to start working on their second album.

Eyefear (AUS) - EYEFEAR was born in the summer of '94 by Con Papazoglou, Rob Gorham, Zain Kimmie and Ken Taylor. After a few months searching for vocalists to complete the band, they came across Jason Smart. After months of rehearsing and playing various local gigs, the band entered TOYLAND STUDIOS and recorded their debut album, EDGE OF EXISTENCE, between Nov '95 and March '96. The result was fantastic. Mail started pouring in, and the interest around the world was enormous. Mags like Heavy Oder Was, Rock Hard and Metal Invader, and webzines around the world, had given it rave reviews. Unfortunately though, things took a sudden change - and EYEFEAR had vanished. It all started in April 1997 when the very talented lead vocalist and chief songwriter, Jason Smart, decided to leave the band. The news was devastating and couldn’t have come at a worse time for them; after recording their debut album EDGE OF EXISTENCE, things were looking up for the young progressive metal outfit from Melbourne. With Jason’s soaring vocals and brooding lyrics, EYEFEAR thought they had found the perfect vehicle for their brand of melodic power metal. Earlier, rhythm guitarist Ken Taylor also called it a day for personal reasons. Such are the stories of many a musical collaboration: a constant evolution of entries and exits(or "musical differences"). But whichever way the pendulum was swinging for EYEFEAR, the gap left by the departure of Ken and Jason was significant; the loss was felt, but the possibilities were still there. How would the pendulum swing this time? Evolution…A change was soon coming…. They say genius comes in all shapes and forms, but the remaining members of EYEFEAR, (Con Papazoglou - lead guitar, Zain Kimmie - drums and Rob Gorham - bass) didn’t know what they were in for when Anthony Porchia walked in the door on November 1997. The thoughtful young man, who was a good friend of Con's who came to audition as second guitarist, soon put to rest any doubts the other members might of had about his ability. Speed, technique and a keen understanding for the mechanics of sound and music: the first piece of the puzzle was complete. By June 1998, things still seemed a little bleak in the EYEFEAR rehearsal studio - yes, the new addition of Anthony had proven to be beyond expectations, but what good is a band without words and a voice to give them life? Lady luck, good fortune, a guardian angel or whatever you believe in, was smiling on them it seemed. It was well known in the tightly knit metal community in Melbourne, that local progressive heroes,Hyperion, had broken up. Hyperion had built up quite a following both locally and internationally; at one stage EYEFEAR opened for them at some local gigs. The guys had tremendous respect for the professionalism of Hyperion and especially the resonant vocals of Jimmy Georgopoulos . Luckily enough at the time, Con and Jim were involved in a mutual friend’s music project, and things all took off from there. The pendulum swung full circle and, by the end of June, EYEFEAR had the voice of Jimmy adding to the new sound in the studio. A new guitarist and vocalist - the picture was complete... or was it? Experimentation with sounds and other effects whilst recording EDGE OF EXISTENCE opened up unexplored territory to the band. They discovered that other musical influences and sounds would add great depth to their repertoire. They needed something else to give them a truly "BIG" sound, and to embellish the dramatic and ever changing nature of their music. Attacking guitar, soaring harmonies, rhythmic power and percussion, thoughtful lyrics delivered with a versatile vocal arrangements - all of these things were already there to set the scene for a new musical direction. Shiran Manan (pron. Mah-nun) was a quiet, unassuming young man; barely out of high school, his musical intuition and pitch perfect ear truly belied his age. Shiran was truly magical at the keyboard, demonstrating his vigour and love for music with an impressive palette of sound. His youthful enthusiasm and ability assured his place and involvement in any future EYEFEAR project. It was July 1998 and a second wind had hit the band. A renewed vitality and a musical direction, it was now up to them to prove themselves to the world. New. Reborn. EYEFEAR were certainly back. The truth is, they never really went away, but time had chosen this moment for a new return. Work immediately began on a new crop of songs. Many weeks had passed, which eventually lead to the self produced EP: DAWN – A New Beginning (a very suitable title indeed!!!). This EP was originally recorded more for promotional purposes and to showcase the new members. It included 2 previously released tracks from the EDGE OF EXISTENCE album: the first, "Of Blind of Faith" (which is now called "Dawn"), and the other is "Running Man" (now called "Evermore"). It also include a taste of the brand new material with the previously unheard track, "Illumination Fades". Each of these songs displays dramatically the maturity and technical proficiency now present in their music. But just as things were headed in the right direction, again there were to be more line up changes. Unfortunately, between AUG '99 and FEB 2000, Anthony, Jim and Shirhan all left for personal reasons. This left the remaining members on a real down-hill path. Although all this had happened again, Rob, Zain and Concontinued rehearsing. Their love for the band had never died, and again they went in search of new members. September 2000 saw the emergence of 2 new members in EYEFEAR. Garrett Ryan on keyboards and Danny Cecati on vocals. Thus opening yet another new chapter in EYEFEAR. Both guys brought with them the energy to kick-start the band - a fresh lease of life and the desire to succeed, even though they come from quite different musical back grounds. Danny, of course I’m sure you all know, was the front man for the Australian metal band PEGAZUS and, like Jim, it was well known that he was in search for the right band that would show his true worth. He brings a wealth of talent, experience, professionalism and knowledge. A lot has been said as to how he would cope with singing a more complex style of metal but, one thing's for sure, he has passed that mark quite easily. He has given both old and new material the energy and power it had needed. On the other hand Garrett came into the band purely out of his love and desire for the music. He had never really been involved with any bands. He brought with him a very open mind due to the fact the he listens to a wide range of music and that has developed him into a very talented musician. So, with the line-up complete, it was time to start seriously thinking about recording the next album. It was the September 2002, and we had the songs and the line-up... or so we thought. Once again, a line-up change was imminent... and it was to come during recording of the album. We started laying down tracks with Endel Rivers at Palm Studios, which could only be done in bits and pieces (seeing as Endel was so booked out with the recording of albums by Vanishing Point, Black Majesty, Crimsonfire, and Enter Twilight). In October, Garrett decided to leave for personal reasons, and though he rejoined in November, he was destined to follow his own path. We didn't know it at the time, but it was to be a God-send! Recording on "9 Elements Of Inner Vision" (named in February 2003) continued on, but by mid-June EYEFEAR were yet again looking for a new keyboard player. This should have been a problem, considering keyboardists are in so short supply that our major bands can't find replacements. However, luck was on our side, and when Con went to his local music store for some strings, he bumped into Sammy Giaccotto. Knowing he was a keyboard player, Con asked Sammy if he knew of any, and next thing we knew, we had our new member! We knew he had been playing for most of his life, but nothing could have prepared us for our first rehearsal with him. Sammy is a musician of rare talent, and instantly added a whole new depth to our music. The keyboard tracks for the album (already recorded by Con, and even mixed) were re-recorded by our new prodigy, ensuring"9 Elements Of Inner Vision" will capture the full, majestic sound of EYEFEAR today. So stay tuned, as the EYEFEAR Saga is far from over! And with Danny heading overseas to promote the 3 finished tracks, this story is going to be a good one!

PowerWolf (DE/RUM) - POWERWOLF's 2007 release "Lupus dei" marked a milestone in the band's biography. Not only that the five-piece arround maestro Attila Dorn could easily surpass the high expectations after their out of the blue debut "Return in bloodred" (2005) - "Lupus dei" recieved rave reviews everywhere and not seldomly was considered a soon-to-be classic. Metal hammer Germany even elected "Lupus dei" as one of the five most important metal albums of the year 2007. Having made their name as a highly entertaining liveact, POWERWOLF didn't hesitate to make stages their own after the release of "Lupus dei". Kicked off with an memorable show at Germany's Summer breeze festival 2007, they soon embarked on a tour together with swedish doom-metal gods Candlemass, before jumping on the tourbus again to open up for german metal institution Grave digger. As the quickly increasing amount of POWERWOLF-supporters kept asking for more liveshows, the wolves went on a 3rd european tour, this time supporting their labelmates Brainstorm. Crowned by a celebrated appearance at Wacken open air 2008, the touring for "Lupus dei" established Powerwolf as one of the most unique liveacts in today's european metalscene. Right after the touring was finished, the pack decided to channel all the fresh power of the liveshows into new songs. "Playing live brings to light what a band really is able to deliver, and everybody who has seen POWERWOLF performing during the last year knows what the wolf is about - pure power, pure metal, along with a haunting horror atmosphere - and that feeling was what we more than ever took as a basic for the songwriting" reports singer Attila Dorn. Bursting with new ideas and kicked by the adrenaline the enthusiasm shown by the fans left in their blood, POWERWOLF wrote their most energetic songs to date. In fact "Bible of the beast" has become the most powerful and most heavy POWERWOLF album to date, adding a harsher edge to the typical POWERWOLF sound, while still including all the trademarks POWERWOLF are known for. Guitar player Matthew Greywolf: "When we started writing new songs it came clear that Attila had developed his voice to a new level of intensity and heavyness. He has explored a lot of really heavy bands during the last two years which he hadn't known before, and this probably left an impression. And with Attila raising the level of agression in his voice, it felt natural that the whole band followed during the songwriting process. We finally were able to set free all the power and strenght that lied hidden underneath the wolf's fur all the years, and it felt like now the time for its outbreak had come. The songwriting felt like a giant rush of energy, which songs as "Raise your first, evangelist" or "Werewolves of Armenia" display that quite clearly". After three months of intense songwriting the band was ready to hit studios in November 2008, this time recording the basic tracks at Kohlekeller Studios near Frankfurt in Germany, while once again for the church organ parts they invaded a chapel near Thionville in Northern France. "Recording a real organ gives a much more haunting feeling to the music. No keyboard could ever transport that, and that's why we don't do it the easy way, but take the struggle to record a real organ in a church" says organist Falk Maria Schlegel. Moreover on "Bible of the beast" POWERWOLF realized a dream they kept since they started working with choirs on "Lupus dei". For "Bible of the beast", none less than 25 classically educated singers of the Musikhochschule des Saarlandes (a national conservatory for classical music) sang choir arrangements on eight of the songs. "We recorded the choir parts in the studio of the conservatory. I think it was the first time that these venerable walls had been shaken with heavy metal" smiles Charles Greywolf. For the mix of the album, POWERWOLF once again worked with the legendary Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimmu borgir), who seems to have outdone himself this time setting up a massive, powerful, yet transparent sound, that perfectly transports both the heavy edge as well as all the many details POWERWOLF put into this album. "Bible of the beast" will be released on APril 27th, 2009 and for this summer..s festival season the first high-profile festivals such as Bang your head!!! or Summerbreeze are already confirmed - so be sure to witness the wolves mighty third crusade!!

"Benighted Soul"
Benighted Soul (FRA) - Somewhere between Progressive and Symphonic Metal, Benighted Soul have found their own path through music, playing powerful riffs sublimated by rich orchestrationsand choirs. From Pop/Rock to extreme Metal, the band takes the audience to various universes, following Anesidora in her journey to the grown-up world. Ranging from a rock and strong voice to a more atmospheric and captivating one, the female vocalsreveal the emotions of this little doll-girl, main character of the upcoming "Start from Scratch" debut album. The band was created in 2003 but it took a brand new start when the current line-up formed in late 2006. After a few gigs, they decided to realize an EP called "Anesidora" (2008). The reactions of the press were very enthusiastic. It was elected “best EP of the year” by the webzine readers and many webzines agreed to say that BS is one of the most serious hopes of the french Metal scene. Benighted Soul also proved their talent live, sharing the stage with many bands (Delain, Vader,Belphegor, Ayin Aleph, MyPollux, Elis, Fairyland, Kells, Whyzdom...) in famous french concert halls such as La Locomotive, La Scène Bastille, La Maroquinerie, the CCO Villeurbanne, Le Marché Gare, L’Autre Canal… They also got the second positionof the Wacken Contest 2008 (Metal Battle France). In January 2010, the band returned in studio to record their first album titled “Start from Scratch”, an ambitious project including the recording of orchestrations and of a20 people choir. With this opus, to be released early 2011 on SAVAGE PROD / SEASON OF MIST, they’ve reached a musical maturity, showing they are ready for much more! After a few french gigs, the band will hit the European roads, supportingTarja Turunen for a part of the “What Lies Beneath Tour 2010”.

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